I have been looking for decent gelatine free gummy sweets for a while now and have finally stumbled upon probably the best sweets I’ve ever eaten, vegan or not. So far I’ve tried three types; sour fruit salad, koala gummy bears, and cola breeze. The sour fruit salad sweets tasted great, and weren’t as sour as I was expecting. The cola breeze sweets are like little cola bottles, they have a strong cola flavour but aren’t unpleasant, they have a good texture and chew and also don’t have too much of a sugar coating, which I liked. My favourite of the three was the koala gummy bears and I have since gone back and bought many more packs. They are tiny little koala bear gummies with five different flavours (if my taste buds don’t deceive me they are; some sort of berry, orange, apple, lemon and pear). They have a great texture and are not greasy like other gelatine-free sweets I have tried in the past. These would be great to share with friends or little ones, but be warned, they are so tasty they won’t be around for long! These packs of 100g are currently £1.50 in Sainsbury’s but you can also find them on Amazon where there are bulk buys of flavours not currently on sale in the UK.

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