Snack attack!

Not too long ago I went on a bit of a snack haul, and now I’ve finally finished the last morsels I am going to give you my honest opinion on everything. I bought two types of Bounce balls (cashew & pecan, which was vegan and Coconut & macadamia, which was vegetarian) these are creamy and slightly crunchy balls which give you a boost of energy. They are sweet but not too sweet as there is a hint of salt and you can really taste the nuts and seeds but this was not a problem for me as I liked the taste. However, there was a slightly weird aftertaste which I can’t explain. Overall, and for the price (£1.99 at Holland & Barrett) these were not that great a buy for such a small product, even if they do fill you up.


I also picked up two Trek bars, one chocolate and one chocolate coconut. The coconut one was basically the same as the regular chocolate but with coconut in the actual flapjack. The flapjacks are vegan but I wasn’t able to tell the difference and in my opinion the one with coconut was slightly better than the plain chocolate. The 50g bars are currently 90p at Sainsbury’s and I think they are well worth it for a handy pick me up to keep in your handbag. Especially as Holland & Barrett charge £1.39 for the same product.


Additionally I grabbed a rather expensive box of 6 Booja Booja truffles in the vanilla and rhubarb fool flavour. There has been a bit of hype about how fantastic these truffles are and they did taste lovely, but as a personal preference I don’t like truffles coated in cocoa powder and I think I would have preferred them to be coated in thick chocolate. I thought there was just a bit too much powder on the outside, it was quite messy and took something away from the gorgeous flavour inside. I got these from Health & Herbs, a local health food store in Swansea, and paid around the £4 mark for them (lost my receipt and can’t remember the exact price!). I won’t give up on the truffles yet and may treat myself to a different flavour soon so I can compare, and I might pick up some of their ice cream too.


I then picked up another few bits of chocolate, I have a love hate relationship with really dark chocolate and I can only have a nibble before I feel quite full as I find it slightly too rich. I bought Seed and Bean extra dark coconut and raspberry chocolate from Holland & Barrett at £2.29 for an 85g bar and Plamil mint chocolate with no added sugar, also from Holland & Barrett at £1.15 for a 45g bar. I didn’t like either of these bars, the chocolate was just too rich for me and I disliked the flavour of both of bars which was upsetting considering mint chocolate is a favourite of mine. Then I grabbed a product on impulse without checking the price, Forest Feast handmade dried banana coated in dark chocolate, £2.39 for 90g in Holland & Barrett. I assumed in the moment that the banana would be those lovely slices of crunchy dried banana but I was mistaken, inside the pack were these balls of chewy banana covered in chocolate. This is probably someone’s dream product but for me it was a no go, the texture really put me off.

20150313_102000edit   20150515_121751edit 20150515_121759edit

That’s all for now, I have a few more snack reviews coming up which are slightly smaller so keep a look out for those.

Happy snacking,


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