Tofu, Ramune, Mo Chi and more

I recently made a trip to my local Chinese shop, which is conveniently just round the corner from my house. I really love this store because their items tend to be cheap (which is great for student life), and also because I love the snacks they sell in there.

The first items I picked up were a pack of Koala biscuits and a pack of chocolate filled biscuit tubes, these were mainly for my husband as he is a chocolate fiend! I tried one of each and they were just what you would expect, crunchy sweet biscuit filled with regular milk chocolate. Nothing too special.


In terms of biscuits for myself I bought matcha flavoured Pejoy sticks, they were similar to the chocolate sticks except they were a lot thinner. I figured that everyone has a green tea addiction at the moment so I would give them a go, but I couldn’t get used to the taste or creaminess and they really weren’t for me.


In addition, I picked up a pack of umbrella cookies and they were amazing! They were sweet but also had a strong sesame taste that I really enjoyed. I think I have found my new favourite sweet snack!


The last sweet treat I put in my basket was a pack of mo chi (glutinous rice balls with different fillings), my pack had sesame, peanut and red bean fillings. To be honest the only filling I liked was the peanut, and I also found the peanut powder coating the ball quite interesting. The sesame and red bean paste balls, I could take them or leave them.


Another item I picked up, as the weather has been getting warmer, was a lemon flavoured ramune soda. These little bottles of soda are such a novelty as you have to pop the little marble into the bottle in order to drink them. The soda itself tasted more like bubble gum than lemon but the flavour was subtle and overall I enjoyed both the taste and the experience.


Moving on to savoury snacks, and the reason I went to the store in the first place, I picked up two packs of tofu, one hot flavoured on sticks and the other was spicy without sticks. My staple purchase is the spicy flavoured one (green packaging) because the flavour is so fantastic. Regardless, the texture of this processed tofu is lovely and you can eat it straight out of the pack with your fingers, if you are like me and just can’t wait to sink your teeth into it.


My last purchase from the Chinese shop was a packet of ‘pea snack’, this is basically a puffed crisp that literally tastes like peas. The crisps also taste a little of vinegar, but for someone who loves peas these crisps are something different to snack on and are so moreish.


Well that brings me to the end of this ‘haul’ of food, I will be posting more food reviews soon so if you enjoyed it check back often to see what I’ve been eating.

Have a great day,


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