Vegan cupcakes! Om nom nom

Recently I visited Swansea Veg Fest, a free event organised by the Environment Centre. I attended mainly as I was on the hunt for vegan cupcakes from Fancy that Bakery, as I have managed to miss every event they have done so far. This time I was in luck! I purchased three cupcakes (choc orange, coconut lime, and vanilla passionfruit). The cupcakes were so moist and the frosting was like heaven. These were just what I needed. I also picked up a pack of their vegan honeycomb and it was so good, even better than I expected. I was out all day with the cupcakes in my bag so it’s my fault that they look a little squished in the photos. I won’t be embarrassed to say that I finished the lot in one day and will be trying my best to buy some more very soon!

Have a wonderful day,