Whole Earth no caf

While summer is now upon us (despite what the weather may think) I am going to review my favourite hot drink. When the weather does decide to get warmer I may think about making an iced version to help battle the heat. I’m going to be reviewing a coffee substitute as I can’t drink regular coffee due to my anxiety and I haven’t been able to find a decaf version which I enjoy. The product is Whole Earth organic no caffeine, it’s a dark powder made mainly of barley and chicory which tastes a lot like coffee, at least to me. When you mix it the ‘coffee’ is rich, dark and not too bitter. Instead of soya milk I like to add coconut milk (the tinned type), the coconut flavour really compliments the coffee and adds a little something special which I love.

Whole Earth organic no caffeine is currently £2.65 for 100g at Holland and Barrett, while this may not be the cheapest coffee the pack lasts for a while, especially if you don’t drink it every day. Additionally, if you shop at Holland and Barrett there is a rewards scheme where you earn 4 points for every £1 you spend. I have been a member of this scheme since it started and while it is hardly worth it if you are an infrequent spender, it’s always nice to get a free couple of pounds to buy a treat every so often.

The final word is that if you are looking for a coffee substitute, for any reason, then Whole Earth no caff is a convenient, great tasting alternative.

Have a great day,


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