Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion

Morning everyone, I’m always trying out new skincare products, looking for ways to keep my skin clean and spot free so I got a 1.5ml sample of Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion from Naturisimo for 50p just to give it a try. The lotion contains rosemary extract and lemon oil to deep cleanse skin and minimiseContinue reading “Kimberly Sayer light cleansing lotion”

Raw Health rubylicious beet balls

Evening all, This is another product which came in my birthday Flowbox, rubylicious beet balls from Raw Health. These are three little raw balls made from dates, brazil nuts, raisins, beetroot powder, coconut, agave syrup, pecan nuts and baobab powder. Each of these ingredients is certified organic. I found this little 60g box so cute,Continue reading “Raw Health rubylicious beet balls”

Saiya natural mineral powders

Afternoon everyone, I’ve been looking for cheap cruelty free samples so that I can try products out to find something I love. I recently received a delivery of natural mineral powders from Saiya, this website was easy to use, the price was great and delivery was very quick. I paid £1.50 delivery for 5 freeContinue reading “Saiya natural mineral powders”