Does the heat cause your make-up to run? Try these!

Hi everyone, hope you have had a great day 🙂

I’ve been basking in front of a fan for a while just to avoid turning into a puddle. With the weather heating up you may need something to keep your make-up in place and stop your skin from being so shiny. I’m going to review two great products which will help with this

B. Prepared Makeup Primer is a thick clear gel type primer which makes skin smooth to the touch, almost velvety.


This primer is my go to product for beginning my make-up routine, especially on hot days. I haven’t tested it in anything warmer than British summertime conditions but so far I haven’t had an issue with make-up travelling to unwanted places. This product also contains vitamin e and aloe vera so it is also benefitting your skin, it reduces the appearance of pores and since I have been using it I have noticed that my make-up hasn’t been making my sensitive skin flair up to the usual extent. At the regular retail price of £9.99 this is one of the more expensive products that I currently use but as a small amount of product provides good coverage the price is not too bad. At the moment there is an offer on for buy one get one half price across the B. make-up range. This is an offer worth taking up as B. is one of the more expensive cruelty free make-up ranges which Superdrug stocks.

The second product I am going to review is GOSH Velvet Touch Primer & Setting Powder – Transparent.


This is a reasonable sized tub of white powder which, when blended into the skin, becomes translucent, sitting on top of your make-up to provide a mattifying effect. The powder is fairly easy to apply, I like to tap some into the lid and blend it in with a big brush. The powder is great for reducing shine but doesn’t make the skin look dull, which is a bonus. Due to my complexion I still like to apply products such as highlighter, blush and bronzer over the powder to give some definition to my face. The powder is also a 2 in 1 product, and can be used as a primer, but since the primer I reviewed above currently satisfies my needs I haven’t used the product in this way as of yet. I would also like to say that this powder is particularly effective for those who have pale skin as I do, as many other powders are too dark in comparison. The powder is currently selling for the regular retail price of £9.99 at Superdrug.

Just a side note, I don’t know if I have already mentioned but Superdrug have a loyalty card which is useful if you are a regular customer. They also deliver and have a click and collect service which can come in handy if your local Superdrug doesn’t stock some of your favourite products.

This will be the last review I’m going to post today but hopefully there will be a few more posts throughout tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day or evening,


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