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Hi everyone! I’m back from my course now, feeling a little on edge with everything we covered so I’m just chilling out a bit. I’m going to review a couple of basic hair products which are available for purchase at Superdrug. A lot of my beauty, skincare and hair care reviews will be coming from this shop so if you live anywhere apart from the UK I apologise. Superdrug is like a drugstore, stocking most beauty and health products and I’m sure there will be an alternative in your country which stocks vegan and cruelty free products.

Anyway, first I’m going to review a basic shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using the Superdrug Extracts Shampoo Cherry & Fig 400ml.


Apart from smelling fantastic and leaving hair clean and fresh, this shampoo is formulated for those of us unlucky enough to have fine hair. Well, unlucky if you’d like to have a thicker and fuller head of hair. In my opinion this product really does add something to your hair, a bit more texture which helps it to seem fuller so for the price it is worth a go. The shampoo is currently £0.97 (RRP £1.99) and it also comes in the same formulation as a conditioner for added softness and manageability. It’s worth noting that Superdrug have other formulations in this range so there’s something for most hair types including dry, coloured or oily hair, and all at the same great price. I actually picked up the conditioner from the dry or damaged range as I find the heat of summer dries my hair out quite a bit, so once a week I like to nourish it. Any more than once a week and my fine hair becomes far too flyaway for my liking! So the conditioner I got was Superdrug Extracts Conditioner Coconut & Almond 400ml, anyone who knows me knows I adore coconut scented or flavoured products so this was a real winner.


The 400ml bottle is also currently on offer for £0.97 (RRP £1.99).

While I trusted that the basic volumising shampoo would do its job I opted to buy another shampoo for when I really want to give my hair a lift, Superdrug Shampoo Volume Pro-V 400ml which is currently on offer for £1.22 (RRP £2.29).


This shampoo is such a treat as it smells like salon quality shampoo, lathers up massively and leaves my hair feeling rich and full. It’s a tad more expensive than the basic but as it’s not an everyday shampoo I don’t mind. The shampoo gives my hair a real boost but still leaves it feeling fresh and clean, so for me it is a great product. Superdrug’s Pro-V range comes in five varieties including extra shine, thermal protection and a formulation for coloured hair. Each variety also has a corresponding conditioner.

Hope your day is free of stress, see you soon with another review,


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