Superdrug Vitamin E micellar water and toning mist

I’ve got another skincare review for you tonight, I find it hard to keep a good skincare routine with such a busy schedule but I’m going to tell you about two products which I find help to keep my skin balanced and clean. These products are quick and easy to apply, I like to use them after a shower and leave them to dry while I do other things.

The first product is Superdrug Vitamin E Micellar Water 200ml, I’ve never tried micellar water before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.


You only need to apply a small amount to cover the whole face, the product is ever so slightly greasy but that is due to its composition (1) and the feeling will subside with drying. The water absorbs fairly quickly, leaving a slight sticky feeling but this also passes with time. You might be asking, well what does this magical water do? It cleanses away impurities in the skin, also helping to remove make-up, although I recommend using the water to remove the last bits of make-up left after cleansing. The micellar water contains vitamin E which helps to protect skin from free radicals, reducing skin damage from sunlight and dryness (2). As if that wasn’t enough, it also contains a cocktail of other vitamins; vitamin A, B, F and H. These vitamins can help to make skin smooth and even-toned, and can improve skin hydration (3, 4). This means that the micellar water is particularly effective on dry skin types. I would also like to mention that I love the smell of this product, I can’t really explain it, but the smell is just rich. So if you are looking for a quick solution to having to use cleansing products which dry out skin I would recommend giving this a try. The micellar water is £2.99 at Superdrug, currently retailing at full price.

I’m also going to review another product from the same range, Superdrug Vitamin E Toning Facial Mist 150ml.


This product contains the same formula of vitamins as the micellar water so would benefit the skin in the same way if you would prefer to leave the micellar water out of your skincare routine. This toner comes in a spray bottle, which is something that I haven’t experience previously. I would also add that in this warmer summer weather you can leave the toner in the fridge for an extra refreshing feeling that will really wake you up in the morning. The addition of aloe vera in this product really leaves the skin feeling nurtured which is great when it is so quick to use. Again, this product has a lovely scent to it and the product leaves your skin feeling soft and revitalised once it has dried. The toning mist is also currently on sale for its full price of £2.99.

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