Yes To Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser

Evening all, it’s been a busy day for me so only just now getting around to writing posts. I’m going to be reviewing Yes To Carrots Exfoliating Cleanser 112ml which is £6.99 at Holland & Barrett.


The scrub has tiny granules so it doesn’t feel painfully abrasive like some other scrubs I have tried, it’s gentle but effective. The smell is really fresh, not as carrot scented as I was expecting but just a really clean scent. I love this product and you will too as the use of carrot on the skin can create a healthy glow, reduce blemishes and can provide protection from free radicals (1). The product also contains ground bamboo which is an anti-irritant and anti-oxidant, as well as acting as the exfoliator in the scrub (2). This is a short review as there is much else to say about the product, it left my skin feeling clean and soft and I couldn’t ask for more than that. The only negative I would say is the price as I feel it is maybe a little expensive for my liking.

At the moment there is an offer on where you can get double points on your Holland & Barrett loyalty card if you buy 3 or more beauty items. Additionally, there is currently a buy one get one half price offer across the entire store.

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Links (where I found the information about the benefits of carrots and bamboo)



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