A vegan trip around Swansea

Hello again,

Yesterday I met a friend in town and we went for lunch, I just thought I would make a little post about it. We went for food at Govindas Vegetarian and Vegan Cafe, you can find their website where you can find their full and delicious menu, or follow them on twitter, they are also on facebook. I had the classic nut burger and spicy chips, the burger was lovely, soft and crispy at the same time. The chips were a little on the spicy side but they were still great, and the price was great for the large meal which was presented to me. It’s just a shame that I didn’t save room for their vegan cheesecake, but next time I will remember!


After a filling meal at Govindas we wandered over to Shine, a juice and smoothie bar, you can find them on twitter. I had a ‘yello’, which was orange, banana, pineapple and mango.


The smoothie was fantastic, refreshing and gave me a little healthy boost to carry on my shopping. Here’s a photo of their menu.


Anyway, I know that many of you do not live near Swansea but if you ever find yourself in my ‘pretty shitty city’ then give these places a try, they’ll do the world of good for your body and your wallet.


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