GOSH lipsticks

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted anything since yesterday morning, it’s all been a bit hectic! Today I’m going to review three Gosh Velvet Touch Lipsticks in the shades bergundy, Bourgogne and angel.


Bergundy is a deep red when applied, although the colour of the stick lives up to its name. Bourgogne is a rich, sparkly dark pink and angel is a baby pink shade. The lipsticks all feel quite rich, except angel which for some reason feels thick, greasy and will not sit properly on my lips. The shine of the sticks also leaves my lips feeling fuller, my favourite is the red, followed by the darker pink. I actually hate the baby pink and didn’t get to test that colour in store.


I don’t really like to post photos of my face but I’ve added some of my lips just so you can get an idea of the colour of each lipstick. I haven’t lined my lips or applied any other make-up to my face, it’s just so you can see what each one looks like.


I would say though, that whilst Gosh’s products are not tested on animals, their lipsticks do contain beeswax. Next time I’m in the market for some lipstick I will look at B.’s range instead as they are vegan and only marginally more expensive. Gosh’s lipstick range is priced at £6.99, whereas B.’s range is priced at £7.99, some of their lipsticks have even won awards. So the lesson learned for today is to try before you buy and really pay attention to the ingredients in your make-up.

Hope you’ve had a great weekend,


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2 thoughts on “GOSH lipsticks

  1. I have two lipsticks of this brand and they look awful on my lips 😦
    P.S. If you are interested in cats and cosmetics you may visit to my blog 🙂


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