Vegan chocolate cupcakes and buttercream frosting

Hi again,

I’ve had a hankering for cake lately and so today, on this rainy Sunday I decided to bake my first batch of vegan cupcakes. I followed this recipe for the cupcakes and this recipe for the frosting. All the ingredients I used came from Sainsbury’s apart from the apple cider vinegar which I bought from Holland & Barrett. This recipe was fairly cheap to make and I had a lot of ingredients left over for future recipes. All things considered I think they came out okay for my first attempt, they didn’t rise as high as I would have liked, but the buttercream was amazing (shame I didn’t have a piping bag to make it look pretty!)


I didn’t apply the buttercream to all the cupcakes as I wanted to experiment a little, I put some coconut Choc Shot onto one, and peanut butter and maple syrup onto another. I think i’d like to add peanut butter to buttercream frosting next time, it was super yummy!

Well, my belly is full now, hope your weekend has been full of fun,



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