Pasties, sausages and tofu, oh my!

Hello again,

I’ve got another food review for you tonight, I haven’t got too much to say about each of these products so I thought I’d review them all at once.

The first product is VBites ham and cheezly pasties, which I bought from Holland & Barrett, I’m not sure how much I paid to be honest but VBites website is selling them at £3.29 for a pack of two.


I’m not that fussed on these to be honest, they were just okay. The pasties are quite filling, the texture of the ham is good and the taste of the sauce is decent. I don’t know why but I was expecting more from the pasties, maybe my expectations were just a little high.

I also picked up a pack of chilli and coriander Secret Sausages as they were going out of date and were on sale, so for 80p they were a bit of bargain.


The pack said they could be frozen so instead of eating them right away I stuck them in the freezer. I cooked them for the suggested time but I found that the skin was too tough to cut, and ripping it caused the filling to all come out so, disappointingly, I was left with sausage meat more than nice slices of sausages. I grilled them rather than frying so different cooking methods may change the end result. The flavour of the sausages was quite nice, spicier than expected. These sausages do have their benefits though, their websites states that eating 3 will provide you with 1 of your five a day. The sausages are approved by the Vegetarian Society but I am not sure if they are vegan.

The final product I bought was from a local health food store, Taifun tofu fillets with wild garlic.


Not sure how much I paid for this as I lost the receipt but it was an okay buy. The tofu had a nice flavour and was crispy on the outside with a soft centre. I’m not sure I cooked it for long enough to be honest, but the texture felt good.

Overall, these products were okay, but nothing too special. For everyday convenience food they were good buys, but they were not the best value. I could have bought a good amount of vegetables instead and probably would have enjoyed the meal more. Whether I would buy them again is a hard question to answer, but I will keep looking for tasty and easy to prepare convenience food as I am determined to find something which I really like.

Hope you’ve had an amazing Monday,


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