Primal Strips jerky

Evening everyone,

I’ve had a really weird day of being super tired after my workout so I’m only now getting around to writing. I’m going to review Primal Strips jerky, this is a vegan jerky from the US which comes in six flavours; teriyaki, Texas BBQ, mesquite lime, hot & spicy, hickory smoked, and Thai peanut. I bought two single packs from Goodness Direct, but you can also buy from Amazon in single packs or in bulk. However, after much shopping around, health food shops are a lot cheaper to buy from than Amazon. The high protein strips are made from soy, seitan and shitake mushrooms, I purchased the mesquite lime and Texas BBQ flavours to see what they were like.


Now I have never tried seitan so I don’t know whether this is its regular texture or just the process they put it through to make jerky but it was tough and stuck in my teeth. The flavour was also intense, a little too intense for my preferences. I’ve never had real meat jerky, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you how authentic the experience was, if you are even looking for a similar experience. In my opinion, these strips were not a great buy as the price is quite high for the product you get, and they just weren’t my cup of tea. However, if tough, flavourful vegan jerky that you can really sink your teeth in to sounds up your alley then it’s available online (just shop around for a good price), and for my US friends, I’m sure it’s widely available where you live.

Hopefully there will be more reviews coming tonight,


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