Coco Caravan chocolate

Morning! Well, it’s nearly midday but I’ve only just managed to sit down, phew.

I’ve still got a busy day ahead of me so I’m just going to do a quick food review, I recently picked up a bar of Coco Caravan in the sweet orange caramel flavour.


Coco Caravan have a good range, there are four other caramel bars, seven slabs of chocolate, two ‘coconut mylk’ bars, three varieties of hot chocolate and two types of chocolate fruit. Wow. The chocolate is raw, vegan and made with coconut blossom nectar, something which I admit I have never heard of. Other benefits are that the product is organic, some ingredients are Fairtrade and the chocolate is 100% handmade. Currently this brand is only available for UK shipping, and is sold in a selection of stores which you can find at the bottom of their website.

On to the bar I purchased, the chocolate was deep and rich and smelt amazing. I bit into half of a block so I could see the caramel, the chocolate was not too bitter (which is my main problem with darker chocolate), and the orange really complimented the flavour. While the chocolate was good, some of the best I have tried, the caramel inside, oh my wow. The caramel was creamy and lush, and the orange flavour was delightful. Honestly, this is some of the best vegan chocolate I have tasted, and for the price you’d kind of expect something a little special. So go out and give it a try, if orange caramel is not your thing then they have a great range of other products for you to choose from.

Have an amazing day, even if the weather seems to think summer is over,

Sophie 🙂

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