Coconut hot chocolate and marshmallows, yum!

Good evening, hope you have had a great day.

It seems like the British summer is over, at least for now, as rain is back on the forecast. I’m extremely upset about this as I graduate next week, and it’s my birthday the week after that. Where’s the sunshine gone? 😦

When I need a bit of cheering up I always go for something sweet, and I have been wanting to try these two products for a while so that’s a bonus. What’s even better is that they go so well together. I’m going to be reviewing Freedom mini pink & white vanilla mallows and Choc Shot coconut.


I have no idea why I waited so long to get these marshmallows, and admittedly haven’t yet bought the larger variety, but I just think there’s something so lovely about these tiny little mallows. I bought them specifically to go in the hot chocolate but I ate about half the pack before the kettle boiled. I really am greedy! They are soft, sweet and taste just like regular marshmallows, you are missing nothing by eating them, except the gelatine! I have also been waiting to buy the Choc Shot in the coconut variety as I love coconut everything and this just seemed like the perfect product for me. So when I saw it in Holland & Barrett I snatched myself a bottle (they were sold out last time I was in store). The liquid gold is a fairly large bottle so I reckon I can get a good number of uses out of it, which is good because it is quite expensive. However, when you think about how much dairy hot chocolate is in places like Starbucks then the cost isn’t actually that steep. The chocolate is thick, rich and full of coconut goodness, it tastes like heaven. I didn’t give the Choc Shot the best treatment as I recently broke my microwave and was yet to do the dishes so I had no hot milk. Instead I used half hot water and half room temperature milk, and it came out okay. It wasn’t as thick as I was expecting, probably due to the addition of water, but it was still smooth and rich, and lovely to drink. There’s something about the coconut which tastes almost alcoholic, like a nice Malibu hot chocolate, which I like (even though I am teetotal). It’s very grown up but I imagine would still be a hit with kids who like the taste of coconut. Anyway, once the Choc Shot was completely stirred I just plopped a handful of mallows on top, they melted into a gooey mass and it was divine. The combination of these two products is enough for me to wish for the cold days to come back so I can drink it more often.


The Freedom mallows are priced at £2.49, and the Choc Shot retails at £3.59, both at Holland & Barrett. I dare say you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere but H&B currently have an offer on of buy one get one half price, across the whole store.

Have a fantastic evening, I’m going to settle down with the husband and watch a horror movie.

See you tomorrow,


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