My Goodness salad

Hi everyone,

I’ve been preparing for a panic-inducing assessment day tomorrow, so my anxiety levels are quite high. Fingers crossed it all goes well and I get the job 🙂

My first review today is a little different as it is a prepared meal, or it could be served as a side dish. It’s a salad from Sainsbury’s My Goodness range, the edamame, cashew nut & quinoa grain salad.

IMG_2914 IMG_2916

I usually make my own salads as I find that recipes tailor made to my personal tastes are always the most enjoyable. Still, I find a packaged salad a useful thing to have on hand for when you are a bit too busy to chop up vegetables. This salad is suitable for vegans and one of your five a day but is, in my opinion, high in salt, sugar and fat. These kind of levels are kind of expected in packaged food, even if it is a salad, which is why I tend to avoid them. At £2 the salad is not exactly a bargain, plus the salad itself was lacking seasoning. The positives were that there was a good mix of beans and crunch and the cashews were a nice, earthy addition to the flavour. However, I thought that the salad dressing was horrible. The dressing provided with the salad was lime and soy, which sounded perfect for my taste buds, but the lime was very strong and overpowered every other taste in the salad. It kind of even hurt my mouth eating it. I’m not sure if there was a mistake in the processing, if I was being too sensitive, or whether the flavour is genuinely supposed to be that strong. All I know is that this salad was too much for me, in terms of its dietary content and flavour, and I will not be buying it again.

Hope your day is going well, more reviews on the way,


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