Pulsin’ bars review

Hello again,

I’m going to review two Pulsin’ bars, I will warn you that I generally avoid eating bars with dried fruit as a base. I know that may be shocking to many of you, who may really enjoy bars such as those from the Nakd range, but I can still taste the fruit no matter what else is in the recipe. I just can’t stand dates. Nevertheless, I made a promise to try and be healthier and to always try something at least once so I bought two varieties to sample. The first bar I opened was Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie.


I like what these bars are about, they really are good for you, but I just couldn’t eat this bar. I took a few bites and found it quite bitter, I could also taste the dates. The bar was firm and had little bits of fruit in it which got stuck in my teeth. I was expecting more of a chocolate brownie taste and I didn’t get that in my opinion. I also picked up Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie which I found to be far more edible, this one did taste of chocolate and was also a little nutty which I liked.


Another thing to note is that Maca apparently increases your libido, something to watch out for if you plan to eat a few! The Maca Bliss bar was a lot softer than the Raspberry one, and felt much more like a brownie, I could still taste the dates but they weren’t as noticeable. All in all I felt like I might buy the Maca Bliss one again, and may even try out more of the range. The Raspberry bar was £1.64, and the Maca Bliss was £1.39, both from my local health food shop, although they are widely available and can be purchased online as single bars, or in bulk.

If you are looking for a healthy, portable snack and aren’t as fussy as I am then these Pulsin’ bars would probably be a great buy.

Have a wonderful evening, I may upload some more posts tonight, or save them for tomorrow before I head off for my assessment day.


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