Cover up with concealer

Afternoon all! I’ve been at an assessment day up until now, trying to get myself a job. It was a very anxious morning for me.

Today I’m going to review two concealers, the first is B. Flawless Long-lasting Concealer in the shade Light.


I have been under the assumption that B.’s range is one of the best vegan and cruelty free lines available for a reasonable price, at least on the high street. However, this concealer has put my faith in their range under threat. The concealer doesn’t really cover very well, is difficult to blend as it is a little greasy, and the stick has glitter in it. Glitter, in a concealer!? That spot you wanted to hide? Well we’re going to make it sparkle, that will ensure no one knows it’s there, right? The idea is simply daft, and I don’t know who brainstormed it but hopefully they see sense and improve the product. The B. Flawless Long-lasting Concealer is currently retailing at its full price of £5.99 in three shades, and I suggest you do not buy it.

While we are on the subject of concealers, I recently put an order through on I love this website, it was my first order and everything went smoothly. They have a sample section so I look a little look and there was plenty on offer, but they limit samples to five per order. I purchased a sample of Vapour illusionist concealer in the shade 010, for very light skin.


This shade was great for my pale skin tone, and the lightest shade in the sample. However, there is an even lighter shade available at full price. In terms of the sample shades there are four to choose from so hopefully something for everyone, at least to try out. When you are paying full price there are seven shades to choose from, so you may find something a little better suited. The concealer itself is relatively thick, which I find great for coverage, the sample size allowed me get a few uses from it and really judge the results. The coverage is not too heavy, so darker blemishes may still show through, as well as dark circles but I cannot say that this will be the same for individuals with darker skin than my own. Plus, there’s no glitter in this one! Something which really made me like this brand was its philosophy, and the fact that they are a member of the leaping bunny program. The little sample pot was £1 on, the full price product comes in the form of a stick and costs £22 from the same website. The Vapour brand is based in America, so those in the US may be able to find the product for a cheaper price.

All in all I think I have found a decent concealer, even if I can’t afford it right now. I am still looking for a product which adequately covers my dark circles.

Hope your day is full on sunshine,

Sophie  🙂

P.S. Here’s some links to other B. products which have been a lot better than the concealer

B. eyeliner

B. primer

Note: I have just been informed that the Vapour concealer contains beeswax, so I won’t be saving my pennies for it. If anyone has suggestions for vegan concealer then drop me a comment.

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