Superdrug dry shampoos

Morning everyone,

Summer is here and that means plenty of trips to festivals, campsites and beaches. When your hair needs a little refreshing in these situations you may be wondering, what’s a cheap way to keep my hair clean that is also cruelty free. I’m going to be reviewing some of Supedrug’s range of dry shampoo. I purchased the sinful moments and killer volume varieties, both 150ml. The bottles are small enough that you can fit them in your bag for freshness on the go, but they are also large enough that you have enough product to last for a while. The sinful moments variety is more of a normal effect, providing clean hair and leaving a nice scent, which smells almost of coconut in my opinion.


The killer volume variety does what it says on the tin, I usually use this with my head upside down to increase the effect, and it boosts the hair whilst doing everything else a dry shampoo is made to do. I find it best to give the hair a brush through to make it feel a little less starchy but the product works well, especially considering the price and the fact it’s not tested on animals.


Other people have complained about the whiteness of the product, or that it makes their hair look wet. I have never had this issue, spraying the suggested distance from the hair and rubbing it in after it has been applied can mediate any of these issues, in my experience. Both products are on sale in Superdrug for £1.99 and are part of their range of 10 dry shampoos so there is real variety on offer. This includes products specifically made for different hair colours, smaller travel sizes and even one with gold glitter in it.

Hope your day is everything you want it to be,

Sophie 🙂

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