Meridian peanut bar

Another post for today,

I’m going to review the Meridian peanut bar, I absolutely love peanut butter so this handy bar seemed like a no brainer.


It’s also an easy way to add a little more protein to my day when I’m on the go. The bar is soft and a little bendy, but when you bite into it the texture is firmer than you’d expect. The bar is substantial and chewy with peanut butter and little bits of peanut, the variety in texture is really nice. It is sweet but not too sweet, with a savoury edge to balance it out. It is also quite filling and I imagine this bar might be useful for exercise. The ingredients of the bar are as follows; Peanuts (55%), Brown Rice Malt, Agave Nectar. Concentrated Fruit Juice (Apple, Pear, Grape), Rice Bran, Rice Starch, Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin). It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The peanut bar is £1.19 at Holland & Barrett, Meridian also sell an almond and a cashew variety of this bar, both of these bars retail at £1.49. Each bar is 40g.

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