Panda blueberry liquorice

Morning everyone! It’s raining in July, typical Welsh weather. I have to go out today so I’m going to try scheduling a couple of posts throughout the day.

My first post is going to be quite short as I’m reviewing some panda liquorice, I’m not a fan of black liquorice but there’s something so earthy about the fruit varieties. I picked up a bar of the blueberry variety, although I really do like the raspberry variety.


It’s a small, handy bar which doesn’t take up room in a handbag so I like to carry some with me to snack on if I want to. I found the blueberry flavour stronger than the flavour of the raspberry bar that I usually buy, but it was a lovely flavour which I enjoyed very much. These 32g bars are £0.65 at Holland & Barrett so they are fairly inexpensive.

Keep an eye out for more posts today, fingers crossed it works.

Hope you have a lovely, lazy Sunday,