Sojade hemp yoghurt

Hi again,

Recently, on a trip to my local independent health food store I spied something in the fridge, something unexpected, hemp yoghurt. I had seen hemp milk around, so it shouldn’t have been such a surprise that there is also yoghurt. The product I bought was Delice de Chanvre, from a French brand called Sojade which I have also never come across before.


There were two varieties available, strawberry and raspberry, or chocolate. I chose the berries as I felt I had been eating too much chocolate lately and needed redemption. The yoghurt was really creamy but also really fresh and light, the berries had a strong presence and the product was sweet but a little sharp which was nice. The hemp also had a lovely earthy flavour which appealed to me.


This was a great buy as I had it at a reduced price of 50p for two pots due to it going off that day. I demolished both pots and came away feeling rather pleased with myself, especially as hemp seeds are rich in omega 3.

As well as the hemp desserts Sojade produce seitan products, a range of rice milk products, and an amazingly impressive range of soya products. They sell flavours of soya yoghurt which I have never even seen for sale before. All in all, eating this yoghurt and researching this brand have been very exciting, and I hope to find more of their products in shops soon.

Hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend,


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