Vegan cheese and sandwich slices

Evening all,

I’ve been looking for vegan cheese that I like for a while, longer than I feel comfortable with. I decided to buy Vegusto this time, figuring that the extra money would mean a better product. I was right, I purchased the no-moo herb variety and was pleasantly surprised.

IMG_2779edit IMG_2777edit

The ‘cheese’ had the texture of herbed cream cheese in a more solid form. It was soft, crumbled in the mouth and was very flavourful with a nice aftertaste. The only downside was it was a little starchy but that’s to be expected from a product which contains flour and starch. While the product is solid I managed to squish slices down onto ritz crackers with some vegan pate, this combination was lovely. I put the last bits of the product into a vegetable risotto and it melted in fantastically. There are many other varieties of vegan cheese in Vegusto’s range, I will be trying the piquant variety next as I like the description and it is, according to their website, their most popular flavour. I picked up the no-moo herb cheese at my local independent health food store for just over £4, which is fairly expensive when you consider the price of dairy cheese. However, when you weigh up the factors of cruelty and the conditions dairy cows endure then this product is definitely worth it, and the best vegan cheese I have tasted thus far.

As well as the no-moo, I picked up two packets of Vegusto sandwich slices, the first I tried was the deli style slices.

IMG_2774edit IMG_2776edit

The thing that struck me is that these are very moist and silky, very different to the texture of meat slice substitutes that I have tried before. I couldn’t taste too much flavour, but I’m not sure that it mattered, the texture was lovely and I really enjoyed eating them just by themselves. The slices also had a nice peppery rind which was a tasty addition. The second variety I bought was the smoked slices, they had a good amount of smoke flavour and were really delicious, moist and left a nice aftertaste.

IMG_2767edit IMG_2770edit

Something that struck me about these products is that I’ve never experienced juice in the packet with similar products, it wasn’t something that particularly put me off, I guess it’s just a testament to how juicy the slices are! I ate both the slices with slices of the no-moo and a salad, forming a light meal that I was really pleased with. In hindsight I probably should have tried the slices in a sandwich but they didn’t last long enough! I will be going back for more and I am excited to try the dill and hotsami varieties. I paid around £3 for each packet at my local independent health food store.

Hope you’re having a great night, I’m still panicking about graduation.


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