Broccoli and pumpkin crisps?

Hi again, this will be my final scheduled post for today,

Maybe it was because I felt guilty for filling my basket full of sweet treats, maybe I was just trying to be adventurous but I recently picked up a bag of The Giving Tree crisps, the mixed veg variety.


These crisps are basically vacuum fried vegetables, and the product only contains one ingredient other than the veg, rice bran oil. The mixed veg variety is a half and half bag of their two veg flavours, pumpkin and broccoli, I don’t like broccoli and I’m not that fussed on Pumpkin which is why I was wondering what possessed me to buy them. But, because I spent money on them and my husband didn’t want them I decided ‘what the hell?’ and just went for it. When you open the bag the smell is quite a strong vegetal scent, which I was indifferent to, it didn’t put me off but it didn’t particularly have me salivating. I tried a piece of each type and wrote my thoughts down, the pumpkin was in fairly thin slices like a proper crisp but was crumbly in the mouth. The flavour was good and slightly sweet. The broccoli, understandably, is harder to make into crisp form so the little florets were light, aerated and crunchy. The flavour was very strong but to be honest, as someone who isn’t a fan of the vegetable, it wasn’t that bad. Overall the experience was just okay and I went back to scoffing down chocolate, it wasn’t until later that night that I really appreciated this product. I found myself at the point where I felt a little sick from eating too many sweet things and found myself reaching for the pouch. These little bites of glorious veg made me feel so much better, healthier and cleaner for eating them that it felt almost like a miracle. Other things I like about this product is that there is no flavouring other than the simple flavour of the vegetables themselves, also it’s one of your five a day in a handy pouch with no preparation required. I paid £2.95 for a 22g pouch, The Giving Tree also stocks these veg flavours in single pouches, handy if you don’t like broccoli, or pumpkin. I would say give them a try though, you never know if you’ll find your new favourite snack. There are also fruit flavours if you can’t give up those sweet flavours; strawberry, mango, peach and apple.

Have a good night,


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3 thoughts on “Broccoli and pumpkin crisps?

  1. Sophie, I am glad at least a few other folks have found these amazing veggie crisps! I see you like the Strawberry variety too, have you tried the Mango?

    My favorites are actually the pumpkin and broccoli, it is the carr-unCH factor and the surprising amount of savoury tastiness they offer despite being salt and spices free, quite amazing

    I hope you will welcome me leaving my own review of the Giving Tree range here 🙂


    1. Mango isn’t really my favourite fruit so I haven’t tried that variety. I do agree they have an interesting flavour despite being unseasoned, but I don’t like broccoli either. You could probably call me a fussy eater! Thanks for the link 🙂


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