Barmy for lip balms

Hello again,

Summer is a time where I meet friends, go out for meals and genuinely want to enjoy myself. It is for these reasons that I have been searching for some vegan lip balms to replace my glossy, messy lipsticks. I picked two and I am going to review them for you.

The first brand I chose, and one that I have seen around on social media is Hurraw. While the brand comes from the US I found a website which delivers to the UK with free delivery (, this is the website I also picked up a few cheap samples from so I am really pleased with my purchase from them. The variety I chose in the end was the coconut one, you might think that’s a boring choice but I have an inappropriate love for coconut.


The tube is 4.3g and comes in an oval shape which is great for applying the product to my lips. The lip balm smells fantastic, if a little soap. When applied my lips feel smooth, nourished and moisturised, and even slightly bigger. The product contains real coconut oil as well as other oils, cocoa butter and candelilla wax, every ingredient is vegan and a great percentage are organic as well. Hurraw’s website boasts that the lip balm is great for protecting the lips from free radicals and inflammation, so that’s a great extra benefit. The price I paid for this balm is £3.99 which is a decent price in my opinion and this is definitely a staple for my handbag now.

The other lip balm I recently acquired was an accident, I was shopping in Holland & Barrett and needed an extra product to get a buy one get one free offer. The lip balms were by the till so laziness brought Crazy Rumours into my life. This is another American brand which makes vegan and cruelty free lip care. I chose the raspberry sherbet variety and was pretty pleased, the stick really smells like sherbet and feels nice on the lips.


I prefer the feeling of the Hurraw balm, but the Crazy Rumours brand has a much wider range of flavours. I cannot wait to try the grape bubble one! While Holland & Barrett stock a small selection of these lip balms there are online stores which stock more of a variety, one such store is Cute Cosmetics. I paid £3.50 for my balm but there are cheaper options online but watch out for postage costs.

All in all I am happy with both my purchases and have been keeping the lip balms in my handbag to apply throughout the day. I don’t need to spend time worrying that I smudged my lips, or limit my menu choices to avoid ruining my lipstick. I feel freer and my lips have thanked me for the moisture packed change.

Hope you’re having a great Friday night, are you excited about the weekend?


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