Summer hair styling

Hi everyone,

I’m going to review a couple of hairstyling products, I don’t put product in my hair often but as summer is here (or at least it’s supposed to be!) I have a couple of products I like to keep on hand. The first is Superdrug Style Expertise Anti Frizz Serum, the humidity of summer tends to make my hair frizz up but this product helps with that.


I use a very small amount and rub it between my hands before gently applying to my hair when it is damp, from root to tip. The serum feels really silky on the hands and I find it really helps to reduce moisturise-induced frizz in my hair, it is also great for my hair on flyaway days.  I do notice an increase in shine, without my hair looking greasy. The product description also states that the serum has UV absorber, which also makes the product great for summer. The bottle has a pump feature and its size is 30ml. This product is currently on sale for £1.99 (Usual price £2.99) so it’s a great affordable product and is small enough to carry in your handbag.

Another product which I find is great for summer, and I much prefer to hairspray and mousse is Superdrug Style Expertise Salt Spray.


I find that this easy to use spray adds a lovely texture to my hair and I am able to give my hair a beachy feel when I venture outside.  Adding texture is a great feature for me as my hair is quite thin, straight and sleek, I like to mix it up now and again. You hold the bottle slightly away from the hair and spray all over, you don’t need a lot of product to create the effect. Once the product is on the hair you can run your fingers through your hair, I like to also scrunch it up slightly to increase the effect. The bottle is 100ml so it lasts for a while, and can also fit in your handbag if you want to take it with you. The salt spray is also £1.99 down from £2.99 at the moment so I suggest that you buy the products while savings are still available.

Superdrug’s Style Expertise range has many other products such as straight spray and volumising powder, each item is currently £1.99

Hope you’ve had a great day,


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  1. They are such great value!! Love this post. Would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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