Dried pineapple and banana goodness

Another review, this one’s a little short sorry.

I bought two packets of Whitworth’s dried fruit for on the go snacking, each pack was 50p so they were fairly cheap.


The pineapple was exactly what you’d expect, tasty and tangy little bites of pineapple. The banana was yummy and crunchy but quickly changed to soft creamy banana, the slices were not too sweet as there is no honey in this product. This was a great find as other crispy dried banana products I have purchased in the past have contained honey. Both of these packets were lovely, and handy for on the go snacking.

Whitworth’s also produce other varieties of these handy packets of dried fruit including; apple, raisins, figs and apricots although some of these only come in larger, more expensive packets.

Have a great evening and try not to worry about Monday,