Granovita Pate

Hello again!

I’m going to review Granovita vegetable pate, it is suitable for vegans and I find it very tasty.


Once opened you must eat it within five days, but I’d be surprised if you didn’t eat the whole tin before then. The pate comes in a small tin and is flavoured with onions, nutritional yeast, salt, herbs, nutmeg and clove, the taste is deep and savoury. It spreads well and I have been using it on ritz crackers with No-Moo, and on toast. The ritz cracker compliments the pate best in my opinion as they are salty and slightly sweet, adding a different texture and taste to the product. The 125g tin is £1.79 at Holland & Barrett and I think it is well worth the price.

Other varieties of Granovita pate are available including; olive in a tin, and mushroom, and original in a tube. They also stock pates made from tofu including; tomato, herb, and spicy Mexican in a tube and pepper and tomato in a tin. So there are plenty of options available. The range retails from £1.59 to £2.69.

More reviews to come, hope your weekend is going well,


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