Beetroot juice?

One more post for tonight, more to follow tomorrow!

While I was in Holland & Barrett, perusing the fridge for goodies I came across a reduced bottle of Love Beets beetroot juice and thought it looked like a good bargain. I’d been meaning to try beetroot juice for a while but just kept forgetting.


I thought to myself that I love beetroot, and it’s cheap so why not? Maybe I don’t like beetroot as much as I had previously thought because I found it very overpowering and even quite sour. I am not sure whether the sour aspect came from the lemon juice in the product or because it was going out of date but it didn’t make a pleasant drink. I paid 65p for a 250ml bottle, which is fair enough to give it a try, but I won’t be buying it again. Holland & Barrett also stock a cherry and berry version of the drink, but as I don’t like cherries I know I wouldn’t like that one.

Have a lovely evening,