Nakd Bars review

Evening everyone,

I did say previously, after trying the pulsin’ bars that I would give Nakd another go. I was kind of spoiled for selection at Holland & Barrett so I decided to only pick two to try. The first bar I ate was the banana crunch variety.


As I opened the packet there was a relatively strong banana scent and I had a small hope that this time it would be different. I took a bite, noticing that the bar was not as crunchy as I was expecting from a product with ‘crunch’ in the name. It was more crumbly and bitty and reminded me of a biscuit, while still being chewy. I just didn’t like it, I could taste the dried fruit and I’m not a fan of dates and raisins. I would say, however, for those of you that aren’t that fussy this bar is a great source of protein, boasting an 18% content. These bars are small and can be taken on the go so that you could even eat them after a good workout at the gym.

The other bar I bought was the cocoa orange variety, as soon as I opened the packet the heavy scent of rich orange chocolate hit me and again I was quite excited.


Same old story, unfortunately I couldn’t get past the taste of the dried fruit. The bar was soft, a little chewy and the chocolate orange flavour was decadent, I wish I would have been able to get passed my issue with dried fruit because I wanted so badly to really enjoy the bar.

The banana bar was 30g and the cocoa orange was 35g, I paid 99p for each at Holland & Barrett. In case these flavours don’t sound appetising to you then I’d check out the entire range available. Flavours such as pecan pie, caffe mocha and rhubarb and custard are on offer so you will probably find the perfect flavour, or flavours for you.

Have a great night, hope Monday wasn’t too hard on you,


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