Alpro yoghurt review

Evening everyone, sorry I didn’t post this morning, it’s my birthday and I’ve been busy, here’s the first of two posts for today,

I like a nice yoghurt after finishing a meal, and while I enjoyed the Sojade hemp yoghurts this time I opted for a pack of Alpro ones from the supermarket. I bought the strawberry/banana and peach/pear pack. Both flavours were creamy, fruity and sour like the real thing but there was still that taste of soya which I am finding more and more unpleasant.


I much preferred the peach/pear flavour to the strawberry/banana which surprised me as I bought the pack for the strawberry and banana, I don’t really like peaches or pears. While these yoghurts were okay, I did prefer the Sojade yoghurts to the strawberry and banana Alpro, but did rate the peach and pear Alpro as better than the Sojade yoghurts. I paid £1.85 for a pack of four at Sainsbury’s. Sainsbury’s also stock these four packs in cherry and blueberry and blackberry, elderflower and pomegranate. They also stock large pots of yoghurt such as strawberry and rhubarb. I personally like their little pots of creamy desserts.

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