Smooze! through summer


Summer is a fickle thing in Britain, I find myself reaching for the kettle one day and ice cream the next. During my last shop I was on the lookout for something cold but less dairy-like, something fruity and not full of chocolate. That’s when I discovered Smooze! fruit ice pops, which are a throwback to the triangle shaped are basically, cardboard packaged lollies I had as a child.


(I apologise for this photo, the ice pop got crushed as it was freezing)

These, however, are made with creamy coconut milk which obviously excited me as you know I love coconut. The variety I bought also had mango, and to be honest I tasted more of this flavour than the coconut but the lolly was still really refreshing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. My only issue is that these come in liquid form in a box and need to be frozen before you can eat them, I wish they came ready frozen. These also come in plain coconut, coconut and guava, and coconut and pineapple varieties, although they only stock the plain coconut and coconut and mango at Sainsbury’s. I paid £2.50 for a box of 5 at Sainsbury’s and loved them. I’m really excited to try the coconut and pineapple flavour, virgin pina colada in a lolly? That sounds like summer heaven to me.

Hope you have a great day,


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