Tropical Urban fruit, sunshine in a bag

Evening everyone,

I have just picked up a pack of Urban Fruit tremendously tropical, an equal mix of mango, coconut, pineapple and banana pieces which have been gently baked.


The packet states that this product is ‘sunshine in a bag’ and they aren’t lying. As soon as you open the bag there is a glorious smell of tropical fruit that smells like summer and invites you to take a bite. The coconut is slightly crunchy then soft and moist, the mango is a little tough to be honest (though I find that with all dried mango) and the banana and pineapple are chewy and sweet. Each piece of fruit is packed with flavour and the product contains nothing more than the baked fruit itself so it’s all very natural which s great. Additionally, there is one of your five a day in each 20g of the 100g bag. I paid £2 for this 100g bag from Sainsbury’s. Urban fruit also produce other packets of baked fruit joy including; superfruit, strawberry, and cherry so if tropical fruit doesn’t float your boat then there are other options available.

Hope you’ve had a great day,


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