Superdrug superfruits clay mask

Hi everyone, hope you’re all okay. I’ve been eating and writing reviews of the products in my Flowbox. It was a very lovely and thoughtful present from my friends. While I am finishing those reviews here is a different product review for you.

You may remember my Deep Sea clay mask review, at the time of buying this mask I purchased three others, one of which I am going to review now. I bought the Superdrug Superfruit clay mask, this product has a similar texture to the other clay mask, if a little smoother.

IMG_2997edit IMG_2998edit

I found that this mask also burnt a bit as it was drying, but this is probably because I have sensitive skin and once it is dry then this sensation passes and I didn’t find it too uncomfortable. I feel like I need to rave about the smell of this mask, it is really fruity and I enjoyed a change from ‘boring’ scented products. Maybe because it’s summer, maybe because I just fancied a change but this product is fantastic. The mask is very white when applied which lead to a funny situation where my husband saw me in poor lighting and thought I was about to pass out. I looked like a ghost! Again, there is plenty in the packet for two applications so it’s a great value product, and it washes off very easily. In terms of the mask’s ingredients, it contains goji and acai berries, and pomegranate which act to revitalise and nourish the skin. Additionally the mask removes dirt, oil and impurities with the addition of Dead Sea salt. The superfruit clay mask is suitable for all skin types and is 99p at Superdrug, which is a steal really.

Have an amazing day, I’m going to continue to munch on my snacks,


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