Soffle’s pitta chips

Morning! It’s Sunday and I feel like I’ve been writing reviews for days. Sorry I haven’t managed to post anything for a couple of days, I have been busy and also eating everything in my Flowbox and writing reviews. This is the first review from the box.

I got a pack of Soffle’s mild, chilli and garlic roasting pitta chips and was very excited when I pulled them out of the box as I love pitta chips and I really liked the packaging.


These chips are lovely and crunchy with a subtle flavour, there just wasn’t enough chili in there for my liking. This flavour of Soffle’s also comes in a ‘wild’ variety which is stronger so I think I will have to get a pack of those to try so I can get the full scotch bonnet experience. While the flavour of the mild chips is as mild as you’d expect the flavour is still delicious so I really enjoyed crunching on these. The pack is 60g and that just isn’t enough for me, I’d prefer a bigger pack which just shows how much I loved these chips. Soffle’s also produce a rosemary and thyme flavour which I am very interested in trying as it sounds really tasty, they also make a spring onion and parmesan cheese flavour but this is not vegan so I won’t be trying it. I’ve had a little trawl of the internet and found that you can buy these lovely pitta chips for £1.19 a pack on the Real Foods website. So if you are interested then I’d say that is a great price for a great product and you could probably pick up a bunch of other vegan products at the same time.

I’ve really enjoyed making my way through this Flowbox which was a thoughtful birthday present from my friends, keep an eye out for more reviews coming out.

Have a happy Sunday


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