Saiya natural mineral powders

Afternoon everyone,

I’ve been looking for cheap cruelty free samples so that I can try products out to find something I love. I recently received a delivery of natural mineral powders from Saiya, this website was easy to use, the price was great and delivery was very quick. I paid £1.50 delivery for 5 free samples, good value in my opinion. This brand is registered and approved by the Vegan society and their website states that their powders contain no animal products and their make-up is 100% natural. I ordered 2 colour correctors, 1 foundation, 1 finishing powder and a blush, all of which weighed .25g and provided spf 15 which is a great added bonus.


I’ll start my review with the colour correctors, the green powder is designed to cover red marks including spots and blemishes. I applied it with a brush over the red imperfections on my face and noticed an instant improvement, I also noticed that my skin was very white wherever I applied the corrector so I stuck with it and hoped the foundation would solve this.


The yellow powder is designed to cover uneven skin tone and dark circles, I was most excited about the prospect of finally finding a product to cover my panda eyes. It worked! I applied the product with a brush under my eyes, using my finger to smooth out powder which had sat in the creases, the powder gave good coverage and removed a lot of the purple shininess under my eyes. Both of these correctors are available to buy from Saiya’s website with a 4g pot costing £9.


After applying both colour correctors I used a larger brush to apply the powder foundation all over my face, I chose the lightest shade available (01f fair). The foundation provides good coverage, is a great match for my skin and feels light on the skin. The problem I find with powders is that if I don’t scrub my skin before applying then it tends to stick to dried patches which ruins the look, which may be something to keep in mind if you experience the same problem. Saiya stock 11 different shades of foundation so they have a good selection, and you could even use the 5 free samples offer to find your perfect shade. They stock a few sizes of their foundation; the regular 4g pot is currently on sale for £12.80 down from £16, a try me pot of 1g which is currently £4.40 down from £7.70 and a large 10g pot which is currently £34.80 down from £38. So the powder is a little expensive, at least for my pocket but if you love mineral powders and have the money to invest then I suggest you get some samples and see if you’ll love it as much as I did.


Once the foundation was applied I swept over a little of the finishing powder, this powder looked too dark for my skin tone in the packet but it wasn’t as dark on the skin. Still, I found I didn’t really need this powder and it was a little too dark for my skin tone. I used the neutral 01n, and there are two other shades available, warm and dark. A 4g pot costs £21 which I find quite expensive, especially since I didn’t really need it.


Once the finishing powder was applied I picked up a smaller brush and swept a little of the blush along my cheekbones, I used the 01m Sakura light pink which is no longer on their website so the closest shade is probably the 01s white pink. This is a very pretty shade of pink which I blended in so it wasn’t so dominant on my face. Saiya stock 9 shades of blush including deep pinks and copper shades, a 4g pot costs £9.


When I had applied all of the powders my face looked airbrushed, like Photoshop you can apply with a brush. It was strange looking at myself like that, and obviously you could notice the imperfections up close, but I liked the effect though I am not sure I would fork out all that money for the full sized products.

Have a great day, even if it is Monday,


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