Raw Health rubylicious beet balls

Evening all,

This is another product which came in my birthday Flowbox, rubylicious beet balls from Raw Health.


These are three little raw balls made from dates, brazil nuts, raisins, beetroot powder, coconut, agave syrup, pecan nuts and baobab powder. Each of these ingredients is certified organic. I found this little 60g box so cute, especially since the balls sit in tiny cupcake cases. The first thing that struck is there was no smell coming from them, and they were quite firm when picked up. When I took a bite the balls were soft and chewy, sweet and earthy with little chunks of nuts in the centre. You can really sink your teeth in to these little bites of loveliness, and they feel like a little bit of luxury whilst also being super healthy. I didn’t get as much beetroot from the balls as I would have liked but I also didn’t really notice the dried fruit which was fantastic, considering the issues I’ve had with other snacks. Holland & Barrett stock a range of Raw Health’s products including; fruity coconut, zesty lemon and chia, chocada truffles, and spirulina orange, their prices range from £1.99 to £4.49. This obviously isn’t something I’m going to buy every week but once in a while for a treat I think these raw balls are perfect.

Have a great night,


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