Chocolate overload recipe


I was getting a little fed up with just eating cupcakes on their own so with a few ingredients I had lying around I set about making a jazzed up chocolate dessert.


First I heated some soya milk with corn starch, sugar and vanilla extract to make a cream (It turned out a bit too thick as it was my first time making it). I laid 4 cupcakes down on a plate (these were made using the recipe mentioned in this review), and I spooned some peanut butter on the plate around them. I then scooped some chocolate snowconut frozen yoghurt onto the plate. After this I dribbled coconut Choc Shot all over the dessert, followed by a little maple syrup and finally I sprinkled Linwood’s milled flax seed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and q10 and icing sugar over the top. This dessert was rich, chocolatey and sweet. To be honest I was stuffed after eating the whole plate so next time I will make a smaller portion so I don’t feel so greedy.

Have a lovely night,


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