Vegan chocolate review

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This review is for another product from my Flowbox, the 69% cacoa, goji berry and orange chocolate bar from the Raw Choc Company.


This Fairtrade, raw and organic chocolate bar has won a great taste award in 2013 so I was really excited to try it. The chocolate is very dark and bitter but fruity and a little creamy, but I could only eat a few chunks at once because it is quite rich. While I liked this bar I would like to try their vanoffee variety which is white chocolate with a vanilla toffee flavouring, this just sounds gorgeous to me! As well as chocolate bars, the Raw Chocolate Co produces chocolate covered dried fruit and superfood powders for making your own chocolate, or to add in to smoothies. The Real Foods website stocks both the 22g and 44g chocolate bars which cost 99p and £1.99, respectively.

I’m also just going to tack on a small review for another chocolate bar which a friend gave me to try, a Ruffle bar.


The chocolate coating was creamy and not too dark, the raspberry filling was flavourful, creamy but extremely sweet. The texture was lovely, and the desiccated coconut was a nice addition. I think this bar would be okay as an occasional treat but the bar was so sweet that I felt a little sick afterwards so I wouldn’t go devouring a multipack in one sitting. Sainsbury’s stock a 5 pack of these 26g bars for £1.50. You can also find single bites of this chocolate at poundland.

Have a great night, more reviews on their way tomorrow,


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