Oatly apple and pear


This review is for another product which came in my Flowbox, Oatly apple and pear oat drink.


I was a little taken aback when I saw this in the box, as someone who loves Oatly milk I was stunned that they had a juice drink that I didn’t know existed. The 250ml carton is cute, maybe something you might give to the kids but I really liked it and pretty much drank it all straight away. It took a few sips to get used to the oat notes behind the juices, it was a very interesting mixture and kind of reminded me of an apple crumble or a fruity porridge. I think this is a delicious drink that would be great for adults and kids alike, and something you’d be happy drinking at a picnic on a sunny day like today. You can buy a pack of 3 small cartons from Ocado for £1.79 or a large 1 litre carton of the orange and mango flavour for the same price.

Have a lovely day,


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