Vita Coco with pineapple

Evening everyone,

The weather is getting warmer lately and it’s important to stay hydrated, hence my second drink review of the day. Now it upsets me to say that despite my absolute love of everything coconut I cannot stand coconut water, something about it is too thick and nutty for me. I never give up without trying a few times though, and I decided to buy the Vita Coco with pineapple.


I found this drink delicious, the addition of pineapple thins the coconut water and the sweet/sourness of the pineapple gives an extra layer to the water that I find appealing. The coconut water contains potassium and vitamin C so there are extra health bonuses to drinking it. I bought this 250ml carton for £1.61 on offer at Holland & Barrett, its regular price is £2.15. Vita Coco also comes in other varieties including; peach and mango, lemonade, acai and pomegranate, and passionfruit. Vita Coco also make a coffee range but this contains dairy milk, I don’t know why they couldn’t add coconut milk instead.

Have a great night, the weekend is finally here!