Dried pineapple and banana goodness

Another review, this one’s a little short sorry. I bought two packets of Whitworth’s dried fruit for on the go snacking, each pack was 50p so they were fairly cheap. The pineapple was exactly what you’d expect, tasty and tangy little bites of pineapple. The banana was yummy and crunchy but quickly changed to softContinue reading “Dried pineapple and banana goodness”

Booja Booja ice cream

Here’s another review for today, Recently I caved in and bought a rather expensive 110ml pot of Booja Booja ice cream in the coconut hullabaloo flavour (although I lost the receipt and can’t actually recall the price). However, this ice cream was well worth the money, the coconut flavour was very strong, the product isContinue reading “Booja Booja ice cream”

Suki transformative purifying mask

Good morning world! I’ve been trying out some of the little samples I bought from Naturisimo and last night I used Suki transformative purifying mask. This is supposed to be ‘the ultimate stress reducer for your worst skin problems and as your go to overnight spot weapon’. That description sounded like a winner for me,Continue reading “Suki transformative purifying mask”

On the quest to banish acne

Good evening, sorry I’m only posting one review today but it’s been a hectic day. There’s a possibility that I can get some more up later, if not then tomorrow. I’m not going to lie, I suffer with acne. It’s not particularly bad but still enough to annoy me on a daily basis so I’mContinue reading “On the quest to banish acne”