Coconut Collaborative natural yogurt

Evening everyone, I’d heard that Holland & Barrett had started stocking The Coconut Collaborative yogurt so I decided to mosey on down and buy a pot. This natural yogurt alternative is free from gluten and soya, contains no added sugar, and is full of healthy fatty acids which are instantly used by the body. ItContinue reading “Coconut Collaborative natural yogurt”

Ritz crackers and Sainbury’s chocolate

Morning everyone, I love Ritz crackers, and I am so glad they are vegan. I like to eat them with pate, with vegan soft cheese and even peanut butter, so when I saw these olive oil and rosemary crackers I knew I had to buy them. They are full of flavour, salty and herby andContinue reading “Ritz crackers and Sainbury’s chocolate”

Olive Branch roasted pepper paste

Afternoon! I only have one more product from my Flowbox to try but this is the penultimate product from that box. It’s the Olive Branch Greek Mezze roasted pepper paste with fresh chillies, this is a rich looking paste with a spicy and deep scent, I couldn’t wait to try it but I didn’t knowContinue reading “Olive Branch roasted pepper paste”

Nail polish review (Model’s Own and Barry M)

Morning all! I don’t wear nail polish often, I find it takes too long to apply and that I can’t always get it right. However, I don’t think that anything beats having pretty coloured nails, it’s just something that really cheers me up. I’m going to review six polishes that I really like, and toContinue reading “Nail polish review (Model’s Own and Barry M)”