Biscru courgette and curry crackers

Hey everyone,

This review is for another product which came in the Flowbox, and probably the only product I didn’t like. Biscru courgette and curry crackers.


This 70g packet contains small raw crackers made from courgette and various other ingredients, which are flavoured like curry. Now I’m not a big fan of curry unless it’s a korma and I do not like courgette but I was willing to give them a try. The crackers have a similar sort of texture to nairns and to be honest I couldn’t notice the courgette at all. My issue is that for a product which states it contains 2% curry the flavour was intense, not particularly hot but just full of spice to the point where it overpowered any other tastes which may have been in the cracker. I had a look at their website (which is in French, thank the stars for Google Translate) and discovered a few other flavours they produce which may agree with me more, those are; banana and blueberry, tomato and paprika, beet and carrot, cocoa coco, and sesame and coco. These crackers don’t seem widely available in the UK but I have seen a couple of varieties available on Real Foods for £3.49. I obviously can’t say whether any other variety of the crackers are worth this price but unless you are a big fan of curry, the variety I tried is not worth it.

Have a great Saturday,


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