Cacoa and raspberry Nom oat bar

Evening all, hope you’ve had a nice Saturday,

This is yet another product out of my seemingly endless Flowbox, it’s the cacoa and raspberry Nom bar.


This raw oat bar has simple and natural ingredients, and because it’s raw it’s never baked. When I opened the packet the first thing I noticed is that I was expecting it to be a flapjack bar but it was more crumbly, like an oat biscuit. I had to hold my hand under my mouth so I didn’t lose any of the deliciousness on the floor. The bar was very sweet and filling, I could taste the coconut and oats but also that lovely creamy and tangy pairing of chocolate and raspberry, which was divine. The 52g bar is £1.49 from Ocado or Evolution Organics stock the bars for £1.59 and the Nom popcorn for £1.99. I am really interested in trying the banana flavour in the near future, and the popcorn of course.

Have a great weekend,


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I blog about vegan and cruelty free products.

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