Rehlauf roasted soya beans

Hello! Hope you’re all okay, I’ve been up all night with a faulty fire alarm so I’m exhausted.

This is another product which was in my Flowbox, there were so many products in this box! I’m going to review the Rehlauf roasted soya beans in the Thai chili and lemongrass flavour.

IMG_3094edit IMG_3095edit

I do not like Thai seasonings, especially not lemongrass but I love roasted soya beans and like to give everything a chance. These were actually pretty good, they were crunchy but quickly soft and had a good texture. The beans were not too spicy but had a long lasting aftertaste of deep spice and sugar. In my opinion they taste more like curry than chili and lemongrass. These German roasted soya beans have 50% less fat and 50% more protein than similar peanut products, with 30g of this 75g product containing 12g of protein. Rehlauf also produce the soya beans in natural, wasabi, and salt and black pepper varieties. I can only find this brand on German websites so the prices are all in euros, but this product should be pretty available for delivery across Europe.

Have a lovely Sunday,


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