Pip & Nut coconut almond butter

Morning everyone, sorry I didn’t post yesterday I was catching up on the lack of sleep from the other night. The alarm went off again this morning but fingers crossed it’s actually fixed this time.

This review is yet another product from my Flowbox, this time it’s a sachet of coconut almond butter squeeze pack from Pip & Nut.


It stated on the packet that it might need a squeeze if the product has separated but I spent longer than I would have liked squeezing the nut butter back together. I ripped the packet open and I noticed that it was weird to be eating nut butter from a sachet and I was glad I was at home, though this may just be my social anxiety. The butter obviously tasted very much like almonds, a nut that I am not too enamoured with. The butter was creamy and also tasted very strongly like coconut which was a lovely addition. The ingredients list is very simple, which is also nice. The 30g sachet is thin and could be easily slipped into a bag for snacking on the go, I think it would be great if used in the gym, post workout. I couldn’t find an online stockist of the single squeeze packs or jars but Pip & Nut sell their products in bulk on their website, so if nut butter is your thing then go have a look. I am looking forward to finding single packs of the peanut butter soon.

Have a great day,


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