Superdrug masks review


I tried another of the selection of masks I bought from Superdrug, this time it was the cucumber cooling clay mask for sensitive skin.

IMG_2999edit IMG_3000edit

The mask smelt fresh and was gentle on my skin, there was no burning sensation like the previous two masks. Again, there was enough for two applications and it washed off very easily. My skin was not red afterwards and it felt clean, soft and refreshed. The mask was 99p at Superdrug and I believe that all of these masks are great value and are perfect for a little pamper session after a long day.

I also tried my last mask from my shop which was the Superdrug apricot warming mask, which is for normal to dry skin.

IMG_2995edit IMG_2996edit

This mask was a different texture to the other masks I tried, it had an oily/sticky consistency and was filled with little exfoliating beads. The mask warms instantly when it is applied to the skin, and I immediately thought that it would be a nice addition to a winter spa night at home, I’m not so sure it’s the best mask for a warm day in summer. It smells floral, rich and like fruity apricot. The product stings very slightly when applied but only for a minute, not as long as the clay masks. There were a few issues with this mask, it’s a bit annoying to apply as it sticks to your hand, and it didn’t go as far as the clay masks. However, the initial intense warming passes so the sensation is quite pleasant, the mask is light and I couldn’t feel it on my face which was nice. It wasn’t tight like the other masks I tried. The product is easy to wash off and becomes like a scrub, exfoliating the skin as you wash it off. Afterwards the skin feels really soft, and retains some of the lovely scent. Overall this may be my favourite of the four Superdrug masks I tried, and it also costs 99p so it’s great value.  One other thing I thought about is I have seen a trend recently where people mix and match their face masks so they will have a certain mask on their oily areas, and another on their dry areas. I guess the point of this is to address all the skin issues at once, I may try this with the leftover masks and see what happens, as someone who has combination skin anything to help me balance it out is much appreciated.

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